A guy asked this girl for nude pics and her reply is a lesson for every girl!

Internet might have become an indispensable part of our lives but it surely isn’t an easy and safe world for women. Majority of the cyber crimes like hacking, morphing, harrasing, etc usually target women. If these weren’t enough, some sick-head men fill women’s Facebook and Instagram inboxes with endless sex requests and obscene content – as if it is the only job they have!

But hey, it is not just strangers but at times some friends/online friends or chat buddies also leave no stone unturned to turn texting with a girl into sexting. It is nothing new to tell that women are often asked to send nude pictures by some morons on social media. Some requests are from strangers while some are from friends too. Most women ignore such requests but some women, like the one we are gonna talk about didn’t ignore but gave a befitting reply.

So, in a similar case, a guy was insisting this girl from New Zealand to send her pictures without clothes. Finding self in such a situation, any girl would get irritated, lose her cool or get terribly annoyed. But instead of just blocking him, this girl chose to teach this pervert a lesson of life in the most sassiest way.
Have a look at their conversation!

This is what she sent!


But a despo guy that he was couldn’t hold his excitement and asked her to send the picture again as the previous one wasn’t getting loaded.
So the sassy girl continued her sass and replied this!
The boy got fooled and said that he thinks he needs to buy an iphone to receive her images! Poor guy, lil did he know that he was being fooooled!
Much loser! As the girls shared the screenshots on Twitter, the world is laughing at this dumb and cheap guy!

Girls, I hope by now you know how to tackle such shit-head people! Well, this was on a lighter note but if you ever find yourself stuck in such a situation, make sure to report abuse that person’s profile. Let the social media website’s handlers know and investigate about the profile of the person who sends obscene content. If the person is not a stranger, feel free to file a complaint against him/her to police.

Men requesting nude pictures from their girlfriends has become a very common practice. They even take cue of emotional blackmailing. And some fool girls get trapped in the sweet talks of boys and end up sending them private pictures and videos. But being a reader of Womansera, never ever accept such requests and rather inform the police or at least parents about it. And if your boyfriend threatens to break all ties if you deny to send him such pictures, then without a second thought, immediately break-up with that guy. Because, a person who truly loves you would respect you and your decisions.

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