Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani embraced parenthood and became proud parents to a baby girl on June 10, 2019. Esha and Bharat have taken to their Instagram to announce the arrival of their little bundle of joy with a pink poster stating, “Welcome to our tribe. Baby Girl Miraya Takhtani Born on 10th June 2019. Big sister Radhya, Proud Parents Esha & Bharat Takhtani. Gratitude to the divine. While Esha wrote, “Thank you very much for the love & blessings @bharattakhtani3 #radhyatakhtani #mirayatakhtani, Bharat wrote, “Thank you very much for the good wishes & blessings @imeshadeol #radhyatakhtani #mirayatakhtani”.

3 days after delivering their second daughter Miraaya, Esha Deol headed home with husband Bharat Takhtani, one and a half-year-old daughter Radhya and newborn Miraaya. The awesome foursome was spotted outside Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai and were all smiles for the camera with the newborn all cuddled up in father Bharat’s arms and little Radhya happily posing in mommy Esha’s arms. Take a look:

A day after Miraaya’s birth, Esha was contacted by Mumbai Mirror and the newbie mother revealed why she named her daughter Miraya. She was quoted as saying, “When Lord Krishna worships Radha, it’s called Radhya, while Miraya means a devotee of Lord Krishna. Both the girls have that in common and I love how Radhya and Miraya sound together.”

Esha also shared how happy her family is after the arrival of Miraya. She said, “Celebrations had begun the moment we learnt that I was expecting. And the closer you get to the due date, the excitement in the house increases. Now, my sister (Ahana) and sisters-in-law will decorate the house.”

Explaining how they will manage two kids at a time Esha had stated, “My sister and I shared a room for a long time, and so did my husband and his younger brother. We are going to get the girls to share the nursery that Noorien (Jumani, interior designer) had designed for us earlier. Now, she has tweaked the interiors to make room for Miraya. The girls are going to share a lot of things, from dollhouses to clothes. We are also getting a playroom ready.”

Revealing how her first daughter responded to her pregnancy Esha had revealed, “The day she figured out that my stomach was getting bigger, we told her about the baby, and she had been excited about it ever since. I am sure she will be a wonderful elder sister.”

In another post delivery interview with Mid-day Esha had shared, “Bharat and I are extremely happy and blessed. It’s wonderful to have another girl in the family. Bharat is one lucky [guy] who will be surrounded by three beautiful women, all his life. Miraya and Radhya will complement each other.”

After their first daughter Radhya was born Esha had shared, “Mamma loved doing things for Ahana and me, and today I understand that sense of joy when I dote and fuss over my little one. It is something that makes you feel complete as a mother. Beautiful Radhya fills up my days and nights. Both Bharat and I are extremely fortunate to be blessed with her in our lives. Radhya is bubbly and always smiling. Sometimes she does mischievous things that instantly bring back memories of my own antics as a child.”

We wish the awesome foursome Takhtani clan an ocean full of happiness.