Esha Deol Shared Bharat Takhtani’s Behaviour Changed After 2nd Baby, ‘He Was Cranky And Irritated’ Read Here!

Recently, Esha Deol and her husband Bharat Takhtani announced their separation. In the midst of everything, a passage from the actress’s book has drawn a lot of criticism.

Esha Deol revealed Bharat Takhtani’s behaviour changed after their second baby

Esha Deol wrote a book called “Amma Mia: Stories,” Advice, and Recipes from One Mother to Another in 2020, and an excerpt from it is circulating online. This particular article discussed how Bharat, Esha’s businessman-husband, felt abandoned following the birth of their second daughter. Mirayawa. Written by her:

“After my second baby, for a short while, I noticed that Bharat was cranky and irritated with me. He felt that I wasn’t giving him enough attention. It is very natural for a husband to feel this way because at that time, I was consumed with Radhya’s playschool fiasco and feeding Miraya, and I was also between writing my book and dealing with my production meetings. So, he felt neglected.”

Esha Deol on how she neglected her husband after second pregnancy

Esha was bothered by Bharat’s change in behaviour, and she realised her mistake immediately. She remembered how she used to frequently overlook her husband’s needs, even sending him to work in shirts that weren’t ironed and not caring about his lunch. She revealed:

“And I immediately noticed the error of my ways. I remembered the times when Bharat had asked me for a new toothbrush, and it had slipped my mind, or when his shirts hadn’t been pressed, or when I sent him off to work without bothering to check what he’d been given for lunch.”

Esha Deol reveals how she kept the romance alive after second pregnancy

Esha Deol went on to say that Bharat never asked for too much and told her everything directly. Therefore, the actress decided to go on movie dates and dinners with her husband in order to maintain the romance. She promptly made sure to correct her mistakes. She continued, saying:

“He’s a man of very few needs, and if I couldn’t look after him, there was something wrong. I quickly made sure to rectify it. Bharat is different; he tells me directly, to my face, if he senses a problem. But there may be men who are not so forthcoming. It falls on you to keep the romance alive. I figured that I hadn’t gone out for date nights or a movie with him in a while. So I decided to step out of my tracks, loosen my bun, wear a nice dress, and go out with him on the weekends.”

After 12 years Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani got separated 

After 12 years of marital bliss, Esha and Bharat decided to part ways on February 6, 2024. Esha and Bharat shared a joint statement via the Delhi Times to publicly announce their divorce. Their statement could be read as:

“We have mutually and amicably decided to part ways. Through this shift in our lives, the best interests and welfare of our two children is and will be of utmost importance to us. We’d appreciate that our privacy is respected.”