Eurojackpot – One Of The Best Lotteries In Slovakia

Playing the lottery gives people the opportunity to win some truly massive amounts of money, by participating in a draw of random numbers. And for people in Europe, one of the largest prize pools comes from the Eurojackpot.

In this article we will look closer at why this lottery is one of the best lotteries to play for people in Slovakia, and also examine how it works, and all other details you need to know in order to gain a chance to win the large jackpot. Good luck!

About the Eurojackpot

Before we dive into the prize pool and rules, let us first look closer at the history behind one of Europe’s most popular lotteries.

The Eurojackpot was first launch in March of 2012, a combined effort that required 6 years of planning between the different European host nations involved in the large lottery.

Before the Eurojackpot, people from different nations played their own national lottery. But it was beginning to show a sign of decline, due to the smaller prize pools, and the local lotteries also had issues with online competition.

The plan was for Eurojackpot to become the preferred lottery in Europe, with the specific goal that it should be better than the competitors such as EuroMillions and other similar lotteries.

How the winning numbers are found

Every tuesday the winning numbers are randomly picked at the headquarters of the Eurojackpot lottery. This takes place in Helsinki Finland, at 21:00 local time, meaning 20:00 in Slovakian time. You can follow along as each number is found, or you can wait and check the news, your local newspaper or more.

If you want to check the latest winning numbers of this lottery online, then you can search Google in Slovakian, by using this search term: “Eurojackpot vysledky dnes”, in order to see the local lottery numbers.

How to play Eurojackpot

In order to play the Eurojackpot lottery, you will need to buy tickets in one of the 18 different countries taking part in the collective system. You can play Eurojackpot online, or purchase tickets in your local store. The lottery is available in many countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and others.

You will need to pick 5 winning numbers, and an extra 2 jackpot numbers in order to participate in the drawing. And in order to win the largest prize, all 7 numbers must be correctly guessed on your lottery ticket.

In total there are 50 main numbers to pick for the 5 winning numbers, and 12 star numbers to include for the extra 2 jackpot numbers. This gives many combinations, so you can choose your lucky numbers, or choose random systems.

There are 12 different prizes in the pool, and as a minimum you will need to guess 3 correct numbers out of the 7 possible ones. The more correct numbers, the larger the prize you win.

The maximum amount of money that has ever been won is 120 million euro, and the minimum guarantee is €10 million. The game saw a rise in popularity in Slovakia, after one lucky winner collected €58 million in October of 2020.