‘Tara’ Film Wins Best Film Award at the Prestigious NEZ International Film Festival 2016

Tara feature film produced and directed by Kumar Raj and Co produced by Dharm wins best film award and actress Rekha Rana wins best actress award at the prestigious NEZ international film festival held 25th to 27th September, 2016.
Film was released by PVR and Cinemax few years ago all over India along with distributor Rajesh Thadani. The week completed 52 weeks continuous run in Imperial cinema hall in Mumbai.
Feature film Tara has been officially selected and screened worldwide in 132 international film festivals.
Film Tara has received a total of 81 international awards and actress Rekha Rana has received 21 awards as best actress and more are expected .
 pic10-OptimizedProducer and director Mr Kumar Raj and lead actress Rekha Rana of feature film Tara were the proud Indians to be invited at a very special annual Oscar function.
pic4-Optimized-OptimizedThey attended this special Oscar function and celebration in Los Angeles at the Oscar auditorium, same was attended by Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Governors, Oscar Committee and many other Hollywood stars who were present on 7th September at 7PM. Attached are pics.

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