This evicted Bigg Boss contestant has promised to slap Hina Khan when she meets her

Hina Khan is one of the most talked about contestants on the Bigg Boss show. While people inside the house (except her gang – Priyank and Luv) take her as the villain of the house, she calls herself to be honest. She has been proved to be wrong a couple of times in the house. Though she always talked about taking the right stand inside the house, she has failed to show it to the viewers and taken a step back whenever the same was required.

Benafsha Soonawalla who got evcited from the house last week doesn’t support Hina at all. Though she was a part of her gang in the house, after her eviction, she says that she knows the reality and will not support her. In an interview, she said, “I think my relationship with Hina was super confusing. I mean, I loved her, and I always wanted good things for her, but she was always going against me, focusing on the negative, yelling screaming… I would never do that to her. I even knew she was bitching about me, I could tell, just that I didn’t know to what extent; however, that’s something she does with everyone. She was constantly bitching about Vikas Gupta too, and while that I understand, I was quite hurt about the fact that she did that to me; I would never do that to her.”

The twitter game is going strong as season 11 is heading to the finale. Meanwhile, Benafsha was asked by a fan if she would slap Hina once she is out from the show and she retweeted it saying, “Will do

Twitter has been shaming Hina for being manipulative in the house for a long time now. Benafsha also shared a tweet that shamed Hina for making comments on class and grace. She tweeted, “Hahahahha I’m sorry this is hilarious :$

Hina’s behavior inside the Bigg Boss house is bringing in negativity from all over for her. Let’s see if she does anything to change it!


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