EXPOSED: Shilpa Shinde’s game plan for Bigg Boss 11 after Hiten Tejwani’s eviction

Bigg Boss is creating buzz all over, especially after yesterday’s episode where the housemates evicted one of their co-housemate from the show after majority voting. Both Hiten Tejwani and Priyank Sharma were called in a separate room and the housemates to decide within five minutes. Majority of votes were with Hiten initially but then Hiten was eventually shown the exit door.

By now, all the followers of the show know that the major deciding factor was in the hands of Shilpa and Aakash as they didn’t pick one name. Shilpa, who initially supported Hiten, later chose Priyank saying that Hiten is very diplomatic on the show and at this point of the game, one cannot really function like that inside the house.

This came as a big blow to both the housemates and the audience. Everyone was expecting Shilpa Shinde to support Hiten, for he always stood by her inside the house, no matter what. Shilpa’s decision has made many of her fans turn against her. It is because Shilpa too knew about Priyank’s thinking towards her. She was recently shown a video where Priyank was seen body shaming her. She still chose Priyank over Hiten and everyone believes that it is because of the fact that Shilpa took Hiten as a strong contestant inside the house and wanted to get rid of him.

The followers of the Bigg Boss show have come forth to speak on this unfair eviction. Shilpa’s unfair decision to choose Priyank over Hiten is being seen as her game plan on the show. Without creating any drama, she used this opportunity to evict one strong contestant from the show. But not many are able to see the way Shilpa changed the entire game.

Hiten was a strong support of Vikas on the show along with Arshi. Now with Hiten going out of the show, Vikas will only be left with Arshi’s support inside the house. Also, no doubt that Hiten was a strong competition to all the contestants and deserved to go to the finales. Somehow, she has turned the tables and it is time to see what happens next inside the Bigg Boss house!


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