Facebook Is Set To Launch Smartwatches With Heart Monitor And Cameras: Check Out!

Facebook is planning to take Smartwatches to a whole new level. According to an unknown source, The Verge reported that Facebook is planning to launch its own smartwatch next year, mainly as a standalone alternative to its competitors Apple and Google.

 The smartwatch will have a display with two detachable cameras from the wrist for taking pictures and videos. The videos can be shared across Facebook’s suite of apps, including Instagram. The front camera of the watch display will exist primarily for video calling, and the back camera will be a 1080p, auto-focus camera that can be used for capturing footage when detached from the stainless steel frame on the wrist. The watch will come in three colors white, black, and gold. Initially, Facebook expects to sell volume in the low six figures.

 “It’s part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to build more consumer devices that circumvent Apple and Google, the two dominant mobile-phone platform creators that largely control Facebook’s ability to reach people,” the Verge reported.

 The device will be Facebook’s first step at releasing hardware specifically for the wrist. It will be opening up another area of competition with Apple at a time when the two tech giants are already at odds. Apple has always positioned itself as a protector of user’s privacy by limiting the kinds of data that apps like Facebook can collect. In contrast, Facebook has for years been besieged by scandals regarding its user data handling. If Facebook launches the smartwatches, that dynamic could create an uphill battle for Facebook to convince people to buy its product. Especially on the front that it will also serve as a fitness device with a heart rate monitor.

Facebook is set to release the first version of its smartwatch in the summer of 2022 and has already started working on the second and third generation for the following years. The pricing is roughly set to be $400, but it may vary. Although it is highly unlikely, Facebook can scrap the whole project as neither the name of the smartwatch is officially decided or the mass production has begun.

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