Farah Khan Breaks Silence On Karan Johar’s Ragging: ‘I Am Fed Up’

Karan Johar get accused by farah khan for ragging her
Karan Johar get accused by farah khan for ragging her

Karan Johar and Farah Khan are Bollywood BFFs, known for their hilarious exchanges on social media. From Karan teasing Farah’s fashion to Farah calling out his “nepotism bias,” their playful digs are a source of endless entertainment for fans. But their latest online interaction suggests cracks in this seemingly unshakeable friendship.

Karan Johar and Farah Khan’s playful banter is a Bollywood staple, but a recent video hints at something more: Farah’s fed up with the fashion jabs!

Karan Takes the Jab Too Far?

In a recent Instagram video, Karan Johar, true to form, starts by poking fun at Farah’s attire. He jokingly admires her “surprisingly on-point” fashion sense, emphasizing how everything from her outfit to her accessories is “fabulous, which is quite unusual.” Naturally, Farah fires back, revealing the real reason behind her sudden fashion transformation: she’s tired of Karan’s constant ragging!


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“I Was Fed Up!” – Farah Khan on Karan Johar’s Fashion Taunts

It’s you! I got fed up with you ragging me,” Farah declares in the video, putting an end to Karan’s playful act.

This unexpected outburst hints at a possible turning point in their friendship, raising questions about whether Karan’s teasing has finally gone too far.

Farah khan and Karan Johar

Farah khan and Karan Johar

Beyond the Banter: A Deep Bond Still Exists 

Despite this recent friction, Karan and Farah’s friendship remains deeply rooted. They’ve been close for years, with Karan even playing a pivotal role in Farah’s marriage to Shirish Kunder. In a past interview, Farah revealed that Karan, once a tarot card expert, encouraged her to pursue her relationship with Shirish. While she jokingly blames Karan for their occasional marital squabbles, it’s evident that their bond transcends playful digs and fashion feuds.

unbreakable bond between Farah khan and karan JOhar

unbreakable bond between Farah Khan and Karan Johar

Will the Ragging End? Only Time Will Tell

Whether Karan Johar will take Farah’s outburst as a cue to tone down the fashion jabs. Or if their playful banter will resume remains to be seen. Regardless of their future interactions. But one thing’s for sure: the Karan-Farah duo continues to keep Bollywood entertained, even when their friendship takes a slightly unexpected turn.


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