Farah Khan Takes Jabs At Karan Johar’s Fashion: ‘Steals Dancers’ Outfits’

Farah Khan and Karan Johar are charming friends in the film industry. Fans are left stunned by their frequent online jokes, in which the two affectionately tug at each other’s legs. Farah made light of Karan Johar’s extravagant attire and suggested that they had an affair during a recent video appearance on Chinki Minki’s YouTube channel.

Teasingly, Farah remarked, “Karan Johar ka secret affair chal raha hai. Mere saath,” before quickly mimicking Chunky Panday’s character in Housefull and adding, “I am joking.”

Talking about Karan Johar’s eccentric fashion choices and extensive clothing collection, Farah disclosed, “He owns another apartment that has a wardrobe the same size as the one seen in the video, where he keeps half his clothes. He steals dancers’ outfits from every shoot and stores them in his wardrobe because dancers’ clothes are ‘chamkila’.  (Read More: Farah Khan Spills Bean On Tantrums By Bollywood Actors: ‘They Don’t Act Until…’)

When asked to guess the value of Karan’s wardrobe, Farah admits, “I shop from Lokhandwala Market or Zara and Max. My most expensive clothes are from Zara so I wouldn’t know the worth of Karan Johar’s clothes or wardrobe.” She does, however, indicate interest in working with Karan on a show where they talk about the brands he wears and the cost of each piece of clothing in his collection.

Farah recently posted a hilarious video in which Karan gives her an inside look at his opulent wardrobe. Karan mockingly criticised Farah’s sense of style, and their playful banter and clever remarks made for an entertaining exchange.

The video started with the Om Shanti Om director saying, “We are going into Karan Johar’s new closet!” As Farah followed Karan, he added, “First, you have to go through my bed… room!” “I’m willing to go through your bed!” she replied, to which Karan added, “Which is where nothing happens?”

As he approached his massive closet, Karan Johar opened a cupboard to show his outfits.“Farah, these are all the clothes that you will never wear because they are good!” He then moved on to blingy, shimmery jackets. Farah quickly replies, “Oh my god, I am feeling very poor!”

Next up on display were myriad kinds of denim, followed by oversized clothes. “That’s so your thing!” he told Farah. A separate wardrobe section displayed additional glistening high-end coats. Farah wasted no time in taking a jibe at Karan and said, “These are all the dancer clothes you have brought here… from Shava Shava!”