Fart, Oops! The Funny Little Air That Ruins Your Sex Life; Causes And Remedies

People will lecture on sex. They talk hours on masturbation, sex positions and sexual freedom. But when it comes to those little harmless air finding their way out of bowel, everyone goes silent. And that becomes indeed a matter of embarrassment. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you guessed it right. I am talking about the much suppressed or maybe the silently celebrated ‘Fart’.

First of all let us be clear that fart is normal. Like respiration, blood circulation or a sneeze, it is just another involuntary movement. Which imply that they are uncontrollable and not anything unnatural. But the funniest part is that we always control them, especially the women.

Let’s recollect some moments in our sex lives or our sexual fantasies. You and your partner are having a beautiful time together. It’s your first intercourse. Suddenly you or your partner farts. How will you feel then? Would feel really awkward right? Undoubtedly, farting will rank first among those most embarrassed moments of your sex life.

Farts during sex

Agreed that there are couples who are less concerned of farts during sex, kudos to them. At the same time, there are people who feel inferior about themselves because of farts in sex. Most of them are women mocked by their partners for passing gas during intercourse. Studies show that women have more chances of farting during sex. This happens due to the sliding motion of penis inside vagina.

Farts can occur at any time and in any position depending on body types. Besides fart, women are also prone to passing vaginal gas most commonly termed as ‘queefing’ another normal involuntary motion. Queefing takes place because of the air getting trapped in vaginal wrinkles and folds (rugae).

Just laugh it off, because it’s simply a puff of air. You have to worry only about the frequent farts that will ruin your pleasure in bedroom or prestige in a party. Still concerned about it? Let’s look at some ‘fart-free’ remedies:

Try having a bowel movement prior to sex. This will make muscles more flexible and reduce the chance of farting. Decrease the consumption of carbonated drinks and hard-to-digest foods. Use over-the-counter anti-gas medications if necessary. Avoid foods that cause gas.

Slow eating will help you reduce the amount of air you take along with the food. If you want to make your sex fart-free, totally avoid using smoking, chewing gum, sucking hard candies, and drinking through straws. Above all, exercise regularly.

Remember that it’s super normal for people to pass gas 10 to 20 times per day. Farts are not conscious as your brain to when and where it should come. You cannot hide it every time, at least in front of your partner, so let it pass. Say that you have 99 problems, but fart is not one. Be empathetic and have a happy time! 

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