Fashion Alert: Ananya Panday Adds Barbiecore To Her Dream Girl Mood In A Pink Knitted Co-ord Set!

Ananya Panday looked stunning in a pink knitted Co-ord while promoting her upcoming film, Dream Girl 2, in Indore. Let’s get started and take a closer look at her fabulous fashion statement.

Ananya Panday, the actress known for her ability to look amazing in anything she wears, recently demonstrated her talent for combining sophistication as well as affordability with an outfit that had fashion lovers swooning. Her signature Dream Girl look was effortlessly transformed into a Barbie-esque vibe with an adorable hot pink co-ord set from MilkWhite.

Ananya’s fashion choices have frequently sparked debate, and this promotional trip is no exception. With each appearance, she has succeeded in raising the bar, transforming every event into her personal runway. From sparkling sarees to elegant yet casual street fashions, she has demonstrated a range that appeals to a young audience seeking both comfort and glamour.

Ananya Panday is currently promoting her new film ‘Dream Girl 2’, while she is also breaking new fashion ground. The Gen Z fashion icon has made waves with her stylish look throughout the promotions, and this time was no exception. Ananya Panday hit all the right notes.

Ananya Panday’s effortless style combines feminine traits with an adaptability that lends anything she wears a casual touch. The actress has been dishing out a fashion feast, complete with her Gen Z spin, that ranged from high-end designer picks to local labels. She continues to establish herself as a trendsetter and a symbol of the modern fashionista with this ensemble, effortlessly fusing style and substance.

Outfit Details

Ananya Panday looked stunning in an pink ensemble. The actress dressed in a mesh skirt set from the brand-Milkwhite. Panday wore a cropped full-sleeved mesh top while chilling indoors in Indore. The fuchsia pencil skirt, a MilkWhite creation worth Rs. 5,152, was worn with the knit top. The skirt’s elastic waistband provided both comfort and style, emphasising her figure while maintaining an air of sophistication. Panday’s ability to create an outfit that transitions from casual to classy was highlighted by the seamless pairing of the cropped top and pencil skirt.

With her hot Barbie-esque outfit, Ananya Panday demonstrates how to combine style, affordability, and luxury. This approachable yet chic choice demonstrates the actress’s ability to masterfully curate her wardrobe.


Ananya completed the look with a pair of peppy pink heels with pointed toes in a monochromatic combination, which added the perfect finishing touch. The actress’s keen attention to detail was further demonstrated by the coordination of the shoes with the outfit. Ananya wore a heavily embellished pair of pink stud earrings from Swarovski, Meagan Concessio styled her look.

Hair And Makeup

Her hair was styled elegantly into a sleek ponytail, giving her a sense of sleek sophistication. Furthermore, a subtle makeup look that included pink eyeshadow, blush, and glossy lipstick enhanced her features while seamlessly blending with the ensemble.

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