Fashion Alert: Mouni Roy Takes Monochrome Look To The Next Level In A Black And White Fishtail Gown!

Mouni Roy recently posted photos of herself in a black-and-white gown that is simply stunning. Mouni Roy’s love of fashion shines through in her photoshoots. The actress effortlessly pulls off all of her looks. Here are some of her most stunning photos from recent photoshoots.

Mouni Roy has been rocking a variety of looks since her days on television. Her recent photoshoots demonstrate that the actress has been a fashion inspiration to many, from Indian wear to western wear and beyond. She certainly understands how to make or break a trend. The actress always manages to turn up the heat.

When it comes to fashion, you have to admit that Mouni Roy always puts her best foot forward. Even though she looks great in any outfit, we are captivated by her elegant western fits. It is the actress’s diverse wardrobe that makes elegant clothing all the more appealing. We can always look to Mouni Roy for fashion inspiration.

Her stylish outfit choices frequently make our hearts race. We are all aware that she always looks great in sarees, lehengas, or any other western attire. Continue reading for a closer look.

Mouni Roy’s daring fashion choices have long been admired. Mouni always adds her own unique touch to each outfit she chooses and is never afraid to experiment, whether it’s with her extravagant red-carpet outfits, luxurious vacation wear or festive-wear closet.


When it comes to her personal style, Mouni Roy is a true Bollywood star. Instagram photo shows Roy in a Manika Nanda two-toned black and white gown. Let’s take a closer look at this breathtaking ensemble that embodies timeless sophistication. scroll down to see photos from some of her recent photoshoots.

Outfit Details

A monochromatic gown has caught our attention this time. The strappy spaghetti gown had a sweetheart neckline and thin straps. Her all-black ensemble was elevated by the white bodice and black floor-length train that complemented it.

The gown is made of classic materials and has an elegant train, but it also has modern elements like sleek straps and a plunging neckline, which beautifully accentuated Mouni’s figure. Elegantly transitioning from the fitted white bodice to the flowing black skirt and train, the dress radiates refined elegance. The contrasting shades in the monochromatic palette create a visually striking effect.

Acessories And Makeup

Mouni, who was styled by Rishika Devnani, chose to wear no accessories, allowing the magnificent gown to take centre stage. Mouni’s hair, styled in waves, completed the look. She paired smokey eyeshadow, defined contours, creamy blush, and a nude lipstick to accentuate her natural beauty. Mouni Roy carries the ensemble confidently and gracefully, leaving a lasting impression with each pose.

On Work Front

Meanwhile, Mouni was most recently seen in Brahmastra – Part One, alongside Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. She’ll next be seen in the horror comedy Virgin Tree.