Banishing Monday Blues With New Ideas

Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news and hear… ‘Monday has been cancelled, go back to sleep…

The ‘annoying’ alarm is ringing with full blast, destroying your deep slumber from a weekend hangover. You hit the snooze button again, as you realize it’s a Monday! Getting out of bed and getting to work seems impossible! Welcome to Monday Blues!

Monday Blues 3

In a rush to be on time, you are jumping out of bed to make coffee, realizing that there is a PTA meeting at school at 9 AM; stumbling into work clothes; surfing through emails from your boss demanding that file be ready by 10 AM today…. while all that really hits you is that the weekend is over and that you are back to the overwhelming routine of work!  Monday morning blues arise when the rhythm of our lifestyle is out of sync with the rhythm of our work life, commitments and goals. We quite often hear “Can we not skip Monday and begin the week straight from Tuesday?”, hating the fact that within two hours we would be hanging in a jam-packed compartment, getting pushed and pulled. We pack our schedules from Monday to Friday, anticipating that when the weekend rolls around we will be able to unwind and get some rest. Oh! But the weekend comes and goes in a jiffy and we discover that unwinding as we would want it rarely ever happens.

I found an advice in a magazine on this subject to be interesting. The introduction said “Don’t let darn Mondays get you down. The best thing to do on a Monday morning is to get some exercise or go for a walk. Fresh air, sunshine and greenery are tremendous mood up lifters”. The million dollar question was howeverHow do I do all this on a Monday morning? If I can force open my eyes and go to the kids’ room and wake them up, I would consider it an achievement!


The post went further to say “Once back from exercise, nothing works better than blanking your mind out with… some music”.  What music was the author referring to? The definition of music at 6.30am at my house is hardly melodious. All the sounds we make are shrill enquirers “Have you taken your lunch box?” followed by a sleepy drawl “Yeah”. Yet another anxious query on a higher pitch “Did you check your home work last night? Followed by a more disinterested grunt …. ‘Hmm, sort off”

The article went on to say “Make sure you finish all pending jobs on Friday itself. Keep Monday for a fresh start” – Has the author taken into consideration the nature of a homemaker’s job which is never ending? There is no salary, no company – offs, no vacation, no sick leave…By the time, one storm is controlled and hurled out of the door; the presence of another tornado brewing  inside is evident. The clothes are all over the room, the towels on the carpet, the dirty socks piled up in the corner, the ice-cream bowl in the bathroom…. the list is endless.

It went on to suggest “Call a friend – your friend might be equally blue and would love to hear from you” and I knew she was thinking about a crazy homemaker! So I thought I would make out a checklist myself ……

Here are some of my simple suggestions to beat Monday morning blues.

Set the previous week’s jobs in order

 This can be done by avoiding procrastination at all costs. A quote by Marcus Aurelius puts this point succinctly: You will give yourself relief, if you do every act of your life as if it were the last, laying aside all carelessness and passionate aversion from the commands of reason, and all hypocrisy, and self-love, and discontent with the portion which has been given to you.”

Monday Blues 5-Optimized

Weekend plans need to be realistic and in sync with the fact that you need to be working with full gusto on coming Monday! You will have more fun and less aggravation with advanced planning!

There are several tasks to do at home during the weekend, which may not let you rest enough or sleep early on a Sunday. To avoid this, distribute the chores at home over the week and set aside the weekends for relaxation. Ensure that you get adequate sleep over the weekend, and relax your mind and unwind with your family and friends.

Rise early on Mondays to do chores in a relaxed manner, rather than hurrying up for everything, right from bath to breakfast. Enjoy the aroma of your freshly made coffee and eat a hearty breakfast. Early rising will allow you some time to accumulate positive experiences before you leave for work. Dress well and look forward to the day at work!  The world is probably at its worst already, so please avoid adding up to it and start your week with a smile, and not with shrill one liners to bombard the children.

My friend Ruchika and her colleagues, to make Monday less dreadful, started an office tradition called “Dosa Monday”. They treat themselves to dosa every Monday. It was a small event at the workplace where you all treat yourselves differently at lunch. The key to the excitement was that “lunch was different “from other days and was done as a collective experience. Soon it was noticed that other departments also followed suite. Why not try out this tradition? Approach life with enthusiasm and make every day count, and do not just live for the weekends. Have a happy Monday, create a small tradition or event on Monday morning that you and your colleagues all look forward to, and remember that weekend is just five days away!

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