Hard Kaur Returns With Sherni

Last week India’s original rap and hip hop girl Hard Kaur released a long awaited album ” Sherni” . It is a song on women empowerment, where Hard Kaur  urges all women to be strong and aggressive like a tigress in real life.

“I represent female empowerment to my core. I wrote this song four years ago but didn’t release it till now as I don’t think people were ready for this kind of track. We don’t really get much support for this kind of material because its not commercial. So now that the digital scene is so big, artists like me can afford to drop our music independently and let our fans enjoy our true work,” said Hard Kaur.


She added, “With all the bullshit that’s been happening in our country regarding rape, sexism, and ill treatment towards women, I think we are done taking all this crap. Enough! We all need to be Shernis and let the world know that.”

Hard Kaur is one of India’s leading rock stars, is a London based NRI, and the original rap and hip hop artist with a husky voice – an international celebrity with fans across Europe and India. She is the female face of hip- hop in India. Hard Kaur has introduced the musical genre and taken it to greater heights by giving it a pop sensibility.

The genre has quickly been absorbed by India and given its own unique twist and been used in the biggest Bollywood blockbusters. Her success story in India began as she co-wrote a hit single for the Indian equivalent of triple underworld flick ‘Johnny Gadar’ alongside the Indian equivalent of triple Grammy award winners Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy. The record was the most downloaded musical single that year and propelled her into the limelight. With continued hits including India’s top selling singles from her debut album ‘Superwoman’, ‘ Glassy’, ‘ Look 4 me’ and ‘Bombay Deewana’, she went on to become one of the most sought after performers for music in Bollywood blockbuster.


She has been off the scene for the last few years, prepping for what she calls the next level of popular music. When asked about her absence from the circuit for the a long time she replied  “I wrote this song about 4 to 5  yrs ago when the Nirbhaya  case happened. My friends wanted me to release it then but I thought it needed to wait because something grisly and sad had happened at that time. So it has been waiting a long time as I put it way in my  hard drive.

Then last year I played it for a couple of my friends they insisted that I release the song. They said ” It will be great for the girls to hear this and only you can pull it off (  kyunki yeh logo ke liye bahut acha hogha and ladkiyon ke liye bahut acha hoga, tu hi kar sakti hi tu kar) “. I was sure that no label would sign the song and big producers would not bank roll it …..but the digital scene is so big today that you can do it on your own without support from big labels. I got so much support from my fans and from Coke Studio that now I feel it I can go ahead and do what I like. It is not for the money that I want to do it but for my fans and the audience. People did not understand what I wanted to rap 21 years ago and they criticized me and harassed me for my songs, but now the time is ripe and they understand the significance of what I wanted to say.



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