These 10 countries have maximum crime rates! India’s position is shocking!

Open a newspaper or scroll through the Facebook timeline at any time of the day; you are bound to see horrific stories of crime every day. Theft, rape, murder, frauds, violence, etc – each day we are fed with the news of all these crimes in abundance. Though crime is present almost everywhere, here we enlist top 10 countries with the highest crime rates.

10) Belgium: It is a safe country but has made it to the list because of the large number of small crimes like pick-pocketing. You are safe from crimes like rape and murder but you probably have a chance to get robbed in this well-reputed country.

9) Sweden: Rapes occur on a light-like speed in Sweden. New rape cases are heard every day in the country and according to a report by BBC, 60000 rape cases were reported in a year.

8) Columbia: Columbia is basically infamous for its street crimes and most of them are related to drugs. It is said that the legalization of marijuana is the core reason behind the hiked crime rates because inhalation of toxic drugs needles other crimes like prostitution, rapes, etc.

7) France: The scenic country is also infamous for its notorious thieves. The burglary cases are too high that the national population of France is immune to it but a lot of tourists are robbed as soon as they step out from the airport. Losing all your possessions in an unknown country, sounds so terrifying!

6)Jamaica: This is yet another country which is immensely affected by drugs. However, gang culture and street crime is also evident. Murders, mass murder between rival gangs are common in Jamaica. Powerful people of this country usually end up becoming big time criminals.

5)United Kingdom: The rivalry and unhealthy competition between cities of UK is the key root of steep high crime rates. Majority of the crimes are related to youngsters who are usually in search of thrills.

4)Germany: The country of Adolf Hitlor is very much inspired by him that all the goons want to be like him and thus follow his ideology. They do unimaginable illegal stuff so as to gain some respect. But at the end, ‘crime is crime’.

3)Brazil: Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro attracts tourists in abundance from across the world. But the city is infamously termed as one of the murder capitals of the world. Albeit the core city is safe but the outskirts are home to innumerous gangs who commit heinous crimes.

2)India: Unsurprisingly, India is the world’s top second country when it comes to crime rates. High population and poverty gives rise to the criminals who look for alternative means to earn living. Rape, murder, robbery, kidnapping, corruption, human-trafficking are heavily reported in India.

1) USA: The world’s most developed nation is also the top crime country of the world. Despite government’s tricky measures, the crime rate is as high as it was in 60’s. Human trafficking, child pornography, rapes, robbery, killing police officials, drug-related crimes, domestic violence, etc are heavily observed in the USA.

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