Another addition to Delhi rape cases, 25-year-old girl raped in the parking lot of Select City Walk

Till when will we get to read newspapers full of rape cases? Aren’t we all done with it? High time that it all stops, stops at once. It’s been really long since women are being a victim of brutal rapes and molestations. And even after the worst cases of its time, they haven’t stopped. From malls to their own homes, women are not safe anywhere. Are they? Can we really trust anyone? And who gets to answer us?

How easy it is for a man to use a woman’s body for their pleasure? Are rapists not done with this act of crushing a woman’s body, modesty and self-respect? Do these rapists ever second their thoughts?

Well, the questions are unending. My heart aches as I write this another rape news. Rape cases have now become a part and parcel of Delhi. Open any newspaper and you will spot out at least one rape incident. It was 19th June when a 25-year-old girl was allegedly raped in a car by a ‘Facebook friend’. The victim was raped in the parking lot of Select Citywalk Mall, Saket.

As per a report, “the accused “Sonu Singh” (the name which he told to the victim) and the girl came in touch via Facebook, just a week ago. Later, both exchanged their phone numbers. Since, the girl who recently completed her vocational course after graduation was in desperate need of a job, she went to meet Sonu when he offered assistance to her in job hunting. The accused called her to a mall on the pretext of offering a job to her. The accused and the victim after shopping went to a five-star hotel in Select Citywalk for lunch.The victim allegedly told that she felt dizzy after having a cold drink which she claimed was laced with sedatives after which Sonu offered to drive her home. He then took her in a white Sedan to the parking area and then raped her in the rear seat.”

The victim is a resident of South Delhi and has undergone medical tests. The case was registered on Monday. The police has asked for all the Facebook details of the accused and CCTV footage of the mall. It’s time that the accused start getting punished brutally. Justice needs to be served!

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