Must Read: Heartbreaking story of a 11-years-old girl, shared by Priyanka Chopra

Life is not easy for everyone! But for some, it is exceptionally tough. Priyanka Chopra, who is presently in South Africa from last few days to promote UNICEF’s ‘End violence against children’. After grabbing extra-ordinary headlines for her Met Gala Look in an over long trench coat, the diva directly flew down to Harere, the capital city of Zimbabwe to raise awareness against the child violence rampant there.

1 child loses life battle to violence in every 5 minutes here while millions others live in constant fear of physical, emotional and sexual violence. Pee Cee, not just a gorgeous looking woman but also a beautiful soul, spent 2-3 days with the kids and shared their stories with the world via social media.

However, the story of this Mashava, an 11-year-old girl who is the only caretaker of 4 children in her family, literally shattered our hearts. Priyanka shared her heart-wrenching story along with a photograph where she is posing with the brave girl and her sibling. “This is Mashava, she is 11 years old.. she is the sole caretaker of 4 children..2 siblings and 2 cousins as her parents are dead and her grandmother who was their caretaker had a stroke so is bed ridden. Mashava doesn’t want to go to school anymore because she feels like her dreams r not worth anything as she is a young mother to her family.. if u carefully look at her eyes you will see the blank stare of submission to what her life is and will be. So much strength and bravery. My heart broke. I don’t have words. 🏻 thank you #unicef for all the help you provide these children. Thank you letting me help.”

Well, we feel you Priyanka! We wish strength, good health and surely a better life for these brave kids. Much love!

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