Fed is best – Breaking Breastfeeding Taboos

New moms on the block have often had trouble with breastfeeding. Whether babies are finding difficulty latching or mothers face a reduction in breast milk- the mother is always the victim. Most newbie moms feel like they let down their babies and blame themselves. 

Societal expectations do not help with this either. We often are shunned by nosy aunties who gossip about our lack of lactation.  The concept of ‘breast is best’ has put a lot of strain on mothers which according to lactation experts does not help the process. Lots of women have become depressed and pressured by family, posters, and prenatal brochures to breastfeed their child. While studies claim this is the best nutrition for a child, there are several other factors we ought to consider. Breastfeeding Taboos

Ann Kritika, a mom of three states, “ With my first child, I pushed myself to breastfeed. I waited if I was not able to pump and there was a time when I came to understand that my baby needed more nutrition than the limited breastfeeding I was able to do, that’s when I researched and came across ‘fed is best. 

This new movement allows mothers to feed their children and supplement when things aren’t working out with lactation. But what does supplementation really mean for newborn babies? 

To understand this better, Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Pediatrician, Delhi stated, “Breastfeeding is always preferred, but in the cases where that is not possible, supplementation is suggested. Using formula milk is safe when used correctly. Newborns need high levels of cleanliness and this has to be kept in mind while using bottles or water to mix for feeding”. 

That being said, if you are a new mother and stressing over this the best route is to reach out to a lactation specialist who can guide you. You are not alone, there are thousands of women struggling with breastfeeding and tons of research to help you. The most important thing though is that your baby gets the right amount of nutrition he/she needs to grow and be healthy. So whether it is ‘breast is fed’ or ‘fed is best’ the baby’s overall health comes first. 

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