Feng Shui Tips To Get Rid Of Blocked Energy For A Positive Personal Life!!

It’s very uncommon for us to have too many disputes at home, the negative energy in the house to become stronger by the day, or something to keep happening in your house. There are a few solutions that open up blocked energy, leaving pathways for positive energy, and creating a positive shift in your personal life to get rid of the bad and welcome only positive vibrations.

Letting Fresh Air In

The first step in welcoming positive vibrations and removing negative ones is to open all windows and allow fresh air to flow in while stale air is expelled. Shake your blankets, pillows, and cushions at the same time.

Removing Broken Objects

Get rid of or fix any faulty items you have in your home. Negative vibrations are attracted by such items.

Burning Incense

Get some nice perfumes, such as mogra and nag champa, and light a couple of sticks at home. This instils a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Burning Sage

Many cultures believe that removing evil energy can be accomplished by burning sage and smearing it all around the house. Simply fire the sage and extinguish the flame. The smoke it produces should be distributed throughout the house, starting at the front door and working clockwise. Visualize all of your excellent intentions for your home while doing so.

Having Rose Quartz

Invest in rose quartz and black tourmaline crystals, as the former attracts pleasant emotions while the latter repels or dissolves negative ones. Keep the quartz in close proximity to your electronic equipment.

Keeping Salt In Corners

Pour a small amount of salt into each of your rooms and leave it for 48 hours. Then vacuum or sweep it up and dispose of it because it is full of bad energy.

Investing In Round Decor, Tables

According to Feng Shui, you should never have sharp, angular designs or furniture in your home. Round lampshades, flowers, round tables, round or oval jewellery boxes, and other rounded objects attract positive energy.

Using Bucket Of Water

Fill a small bucket with salt, white vinegar, and lemon juice to block negative energy from entering your home. Next, use this combination to clean all of the door handles, knobs, and windows. As the last step, sprinkle salt on all of your doors and cover them with doormats. Negative energy will be kept at bay as a result of this.


For all intents, this is the foundation of Feng Shui. You must always keep your home, especially your study room or workstation, decluttered to attract positive energy. Allow the space to breathe! You’ll feel extremely light.


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