Film Producer Kamal Kishore Mishra Hits ‘Wife’ With Car As She Caught Him With Another Woman!

Kamal Kishore Mishra, the producer of many films such as Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi, Dehati Disco and Khali Bali, has been accused by his wife and actress Yasmeen that he is currently having an affair with another model. When his wife caught red-handed her husband Kamal Kishore Mishra at the spot, he tried to hit her with his car. The actress filed a complaint with the police.

Film producer Kamal Kishore Mishra is accused of hitting his wife with a car after his wife caught him with another woman. Police said on Wednesday that a case had been filed against Mishra based on CCTV footage of his wife falling to the ground after he hits her. The incident took place on October 19 in the parking lot of a residential building in west Andheri. Mishra is the creator of the film ‘Dehati Disco’.

Police said the director was in a car with another woman and his wife came to the spot to look for him. When the woman tried to run into him, a fight broke out between the filmmaker and his wife in the parking lot. Mishra gets behind the wheel and drives the car while beating his wife. His wife fell to the ground and injured her leg, head and hands.

As a result of the accusation, FIR was filed with Amboli Police v. Mishra under sections 279 (negligent driving) and 337 (injury caused by conduct endangering life or privacy) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). the safety of others). PTI reporting.

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