Finally, The Wait Is Over, Money Heist Comes back With A Bang; The Much Awaited Season 5 Is Here

Since season 4 coming to an end, millions of Money Heist fans around the globe were waiting for this news. And it’s here, your favorite Money Heist with its trailer. It was on Monday that Netflix released the trailer of Money Heist season five.

The series more popularly known in its Spanish name La Casa de Papel is all set for streaming from September 3.  The first five episodes of the final season will also release on the streaming platform. The remaining five episodes of the hit crime drama will be available from December 3.

The much-awaited trailer reveals a flashing clash between the gang and the military. Remember the gang been trapped inside the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours? Yeah, that is where the new season begins, indeed yet another season of adventures. You would also see the professor tied up and tortured by police officer Alicia Sierra. You feel the tension right?

Well, you may have also seen how hard it was for the whole gang to fight to lose their friend, Nairobi. And Lisbon had to take the lead to motivate the team. Not only that, but the fans also had to see their favorite Berlin in a couple of flashbacks.

However, fans have become really impatient this time. And that was evident in the comment section. YouTube video flooded with comments. “The only professor to whom I have watched and listened to carefully in the last 3 years” one comment read.  “I was learning Spanish for the past 10 months so that I can enjoy Money Heist to the next level …. finally worth the efforts,” another wrote.

Different from the earlier volumes, in season five, more focus will be given to the emotions of the characters. This was clearly stated by showrunner Álex Pina in an interview with the Digital Spy. “It is a journey across their sentimental map that connects us directly to their departure” he added. The season will give spectators a feeling of the end, more like a series finale.

Fans are at the same time happy to watch the new season but are sad at the thought of the series coming to an end. But everything has an end and so is Money Heist. Anyway, the epic series which showed the lives of a gang of thieves is among the most popular non-English titles on Netflix with reportedly 65 million viewers. Wishing you all the best for the legendary cast and crew.

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