Finally Truth Revealed: Sushant Singh Rajput Was Murdered Says His Ambulance Driver; “Taang Kaise Tootegi Phaasi Mein”

Sushant Singh Rajput died on June 14 as he was discovered dead in his Bandra Apartment. The entertainer was said to have ended it all, yet there have been numerous who are of the conviction that Sushant was killed. One of them was the emergency vehicle driver who took Sushant’s body to the medical clinic.

The emergency vehicle driver has kept up that Sushant was murdered as self destruction can’t break one’s leg and he additionally said there were signs of pins on the entertainer’s feet.

As indicated by a report by Times Now, the ambulance vehicle driver asserted that Sushant was killed, he stated, “Humne jaisa dekha hai, waisa bata rahe hain murder hai. Abhi drugs ka nikla hai, fir murder niklega. Rhea ne jiska naam liya hai who sab saamne aayega. Murder bhi aayega. Warna Taang kaise tootegi phaasi mein. Suiyon ke nishaan hai, murder hai, taang tooti hai uski. Andar kya hua hoga, andar kya setting hui hogi mujhe nahi malum.”

In the interim, discussing Suhsant’s report, Dr. Sudhir Gupta, administrator of AIIMS prior stated, “AIIMS and CBI are in agreement on the Sushant Singh Rajput death case but more deliberations are needed. There is a need to look into some legal aspects for a logical legal conclusion in due course of time. It will be totally conclusive.” It was likewise said that there was no natural or inorganic toxin found in Sushant’s body.

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