Finding It Difficult To Discover Your Passion? These Ways Would Help You!

Passion is what drives our lives. Be it your love for cycling, acting, writing, singing, gardening, photography or travelling, if doing it makes you happy then you are surely passionate about it. During our childhood, we had varied hobbies to indulge ourselves in but as we grow up, we realise that we had parted ways with our hobbies long back and had not realised about it in a long time.

It is then in the late 20s, 30s and 40s that people wish to identify their true passion to constructively utilize their leisure hours. So, here are a few ways which can help you find your passion:

Find What You Hate

In order to know what you love, it is important to understand what you dislike. It may sound weird but that’s how you negate things to reach the conclusion. So, instead of trying to figure out your passions and interests, grab a pen and paper and list down what you hate!

Peep Into Your Past

As a child, I used to love writing and telling stories to my relatives and friends. Chances are that you will find your true passion by peeping into your past. So, what did you love doing as a child? Swimming? Singing? Public Speaking? Time to call mom!!

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Follow Your Curiosity

Have you ever been intrigued by how videos are edited? or how good quality photographs are shot? If yes, you may have to dig in deep here. It is very important to follow your curiosity as it will lead you to your passion.

What You Like To Do When Free

Next time, when you have leisure hours, identify what is it that you wish to do. I find myself reading books and making creative articles! Keep a tab on yourself and you will be able to know your inner self.

Hope these tips will help you find your passion and make your life more productive and wholesome.

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