Five good habits that will boost your routine of success

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”-Abraham Lincoln

Discipline aka good habits in life gives the motivation to do better day by day. Presuming these pillars of success and employing them in daily life is typically hard to follow up. But once incorporated in daily businesses, these habits make livelihoods.

What are good habits?

Remember the childhood poem children loved to sing, 

“Early to bed, and early to rise”

Wish good morning, wish good night,

Follow good habits, and be a good boy,

Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”


Good habits

From childhood, we grew up listening to these rhymes telling us to follow the path of success, i.e. discipline in life.

Five good habits to encounter on the road to success

On the road to success, you will encounter these five good habits.

1. Routine it up: Day-to-day tasks


Routine it up

Follow a fixed routine. This saves your time and keeps you acknowledged of the day-to-day role plays of life.

2. Eat healthily: What is a balanced diet?


Balanced Diet

Eat healthily, and as per the rules of a healthy balanced diet. A balanced diet gives you healthy weight gain or energy to do your work.

3.Keep your energy up through exercises



Exercise daily. A few exercises keep the metabolism of the body healthy and regulated.

4. Learn to say ‘thank you’


Learn to say thanks

A word of gratitude spread smiles and goodwill. Why not say ‘thank you when you have got so many good reasons to do so.

5. Grow daily studying habits



Studying gives the brain exercise. This sharpens the brain and lifts it emotionally. Having a broad mind and living without stress is the key to a longer and healthier life. Both these constraints are achieved through studying on a daily routine.

Conclusion: How much do you follow these good habits?

Telling stories and quotes about good habits is easier than following an actual discipline or routine. How much do you agree with this statement? Do comment in the box below.

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