Flashback Friday: When Pooja Bhatt Hated Soni Razdan For Breaking Her Parent’s Wedding

Movie producer Mahesh Bhatt has an enormous cheerful family at the present time, however, there were times when things were not as extraordinary as they are as of now. Like we as a whole are very much aware, producer Mahesh Bhatt was hitched to entertainer Pooja Bhatt’s mom Kiran Bhatt before he got married with on-screen character Soni Razdan. As Mahesh Bhatt started dating Soni Razdan when his children were very young.

Mahesh Bhatt’s two families are the perfect example of modern family. Even the step sisters Pooja, Shaheen and Alia bonds like real sisters. However, it was not the same before. Pooja Bhatt was disheartened to find out about the divorce and the second marriage of her father. Revealing about how she was a silent spectator of the fights between her parents and its psychological effect on her, Pooja Bhatt had said, “I’ve been very lucky that I’ve not had a really traumatic childhood. Okay, Mom and Dad used to fight and there would be utter chaos at times at home, but I would only be a silent spectator to all this. I was too young to do anything about it. Of course, it did have some psychological effect on me, but then I guess I was growing up and learnt to accept it as part of my life. My parents never hid anything from me. They saw to it that I didn’t suffer because of their differences and I got the best of both the worlds. So, where’s the trauma?”

Pooja Bhatt further added, “You know. What spoils a marriage or a relationship is permanence! When one starts seeking permanence in a relationship then that’s the end of it. Nothing ever remains the same! One has to adjust to the changing times. I do not blame only my Dad or my mom for that matter for their split. Both are equally to blame for their soured relationship. For it takes two hands to clap. Sometimes when I look around and see marriages breaking up, I get very disillusioned by this whole institution. But then I think it is up to the individuals to make a marriage work.”

Speaking about the hatred she carried for step-mother, Soni Razdan in her initial days, she stated, “Why, my father didn’t desert us. It’s just that my parents parted ways because they thought they couldn’t live together. They are still the best of friends. My father still comes over to our house and supports us financially too. Initially, I did resent my dad for leaving my mother for another woman. I also used to hate Soni for snatching away dad from us. In fact, there used to be times when I used to flare-up at the very mention of her name. It was my mother who made me understand and think practically. She would tell me not to resent or hate my father for anything for basically he is a good man at heart.”

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