‘Foggy Brain’, ‘Jamai Raja’ Fame Ravie Dubey Recalls Getting Suicidal Thoughts After Failing Engineering!

TV actor Ravie Dubey has won the hearts of audiences on many platforms with his strong acting. He is quite talented and versatile in whichever role he takes up. Recently, Ravie made many shocking revelations about his professional and personal life. He also talked facing depression and told that he started having thoughts of suicide.

Ravi reflects back on his dark times

Opening up on battling suicidal thoughts at a young age, Ravie confessed that he used to give up easily. He stated, “It’s not about the circumstances. It’s about your life condition and life force. If your life force is weak, even a small infection can be heavy. But if your immune system is strong, then your physical immune system and your spiritual system also remain strong. In such case, even the biggest crisis in life will not be heavy. It’s entirely a matter of vitality.”

The ‘Jamai Raja’ actor further added, “I think my life force was very weak during my that time. So, it was not a fact that I was failing in engineering, but I felt that there was no way forward. I thought that I gave 4 years to engineering, and my family gave their time, money and more importantly faith in me. I went to college just mechanically. That’s all, I was not there. I was in my own mind. During that time, I was constantly foggy brain and  was walking like a zombie. It was a bit heavy.”

Ravie said that although I have faced many things in life, but a phase came when it seemed that everything was over. That period of depression was extremely difficult as thoughts of suicide also started coming in Ravie’s mind.

Sharing what helped him in overcoming such bad thoughts, the actor asserted that meditation played a crucial role. He spoke to people and chose the path of peace. He also shared his problem with family and friends after which he found hope.

Ravie’s Professional Front

Ravie has appeared in many shows. He has been a part of many hit shows like ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 8′, ’12/24 Karol Bagh’, ‘Saas Bina Sasural’, and ‘Jamai Raja’.