Food Trends That Are Too Good To Share

Research tells us that 93% of the millennial group choose to dine in at least 4 out of 7 days per week. But, whether dining in or out, it seems to be mandatory that the food on the table is not only delicious but photogenic as well. It is not surprising as people have more access to global flavors now than ever before. They want to taste and experience the cuisines and cultures from different parts of the world outside of India. It is an exciting time as you get to know the food trends in restaurants today and how you can prepare them at home. 

Pacific Rim Variety

The region that has been attracting a lot of attention now is the Pacific Rim. The place that comprises of Asia, Oceania, and America has been the reason for some culinary inspirations. Pacific Rim flavors mean a mixture of cooking styles and tasty ingredients from various cuisines. For example, you will get a dish that has a mishmash of elements from Thailand and Vietnam, or a taste of French ingredients in your Hawaiian meal. Lamb tacos come with a hint of pineapple chutney while the pan-seared fish will have peanut coconut sauce.

Menus from homes and restaurants alike have shrimp paste, dried shrimp, and cuttlefish, all perfect to eat from breakfast to dinner. Your cocktails will have passion fruit, guava, or dragon fruit. For the spices, you have saffron, lemongrass, and cinnamon. Monk fruit is used as an alternative to sugar.

Plant-Based Blowout

Meat-free meal is in, making plant-based diets soar high in the food industry. It seems that many people prefer to go green in whatever they eat. The reason could be for better skin care, weight loss, or simply for the unique taste. To satisfy this kind of appetite, many restaurants and home cooks are making scrumptious vegan options.

For this palate, the delicious examples include smoky collard greens with pea shoots and carrots. Try the green rice with pepitas and herb pesto, or the Chaia tacos with vegetables as its main ingredients. Tuscan hummus makes an appetizing dip with garlic, lemon, white beans, and tahini. For beverage, fresh green tea will do the job of clearing the body and mind well.

Consumers are constantly seeking out food trends that can satisfy their taste buds and fit their lifestyle. The food industry understands these, which causes them to invent meals to catch up with these ever-changing needs. Whatever taste and flavor you are into now, there’s a whole lot of dish out there waiting for you to discover.