Football sized Goldfish found in a Lake in the US? Find out in this story!

Indeed, a fish never outgrows its environment. Tiny little goldfish looks adorable in the aquarium of our houses. But what happens when these fishes are left in the ponds? In a typical scenario, Goldfish are known to grow around two inches when kept in small aquariums. However, pictures have surfaced from the US, Minnesota, where the city officials are pulling out goldfish that are the size of a football. These pet goldfishes are being released into Keller Lake near Burnsville. In the lake, they got space and food to continue growing.

The officials posted pictures of these huge goldfish on Twitter with the caption “Please don’t release your pet goldfish into ponds and lakes! They grow bigger than you think and contribute to poor water quality by mucking up the bottom sediments and uprooting plants”. The growth of goldfish is limited when it is kept in a small tank or bowl. However, when the domestic fish is in the wild and has enough food sources, it will continue to grow and become an invasive species.

“Instead of releasing your pet goldfish in a local lake or pond, please consider other options for finding them a new home like asking a responsible friend or neighbor to care for it,” officials said on Facebook. According to the news of the Washington Post, Burnsville residents began complaining recently about “a possible infestation” in the lake. Hence they sent out a water-pest company, Carp Solutions, to check it out.

Goldfish quickly reproduce, outcompete native species and cause destruction in the habitat. They feed at the bottom of lakes, where they uproot plants and stir up sediment. This results in dirty water and can cause algal blooms, which can be toxic for underwater animals. While dumping goldfish in a lake might seem harmless, they can grow very large and disrupt the ecosystem.

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