Former Bigg Boss 7 Contestant Ajaz Khan Released After Two Years from Jail in Drug Case

Ajaz Khan, a former contestant of Bigg Boss 7, has been released from Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail after serving a two-year sentence. Upon his release, The actor arrested in context with a drug-related case was greeted with joy and excitement by his family members. A heartwarming video captured the moment Ajaz stepped out of the jail premises, embracing his loved ones and posing for the waiting media.

Joyful Reunion: Ajaz Khan’s Family Welcomes Him Outside Mumbai Jail

The footage begins with glimpses of Ajaz’s family eagerly awaiting his return. There is a jubilant cheer as he emerges, and he is engulfed in warm hugs from his friends and relatives. Upon his release, Ajaz’s wife, Aisha Khan, was overcome with emotions upon seeing him. Their son was also eagerly awaiting his father’s return, and they shared a heartwarming hug.

Drug Case Arrest: Ajaz Khan’s Legal Troubles and Bail Grant

Ajaz Khan’s arrest came about after his name surfaced during the investigation of a drug supplier’s son. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) found incriminating evidence against him, contradicting Ajaz’s claims of possessing only a few sleeping pills. The authorities caught him in possession of 31 Alprazolam tablets that weighed 4.5 grams. After two years of imprisonment, Ajaz has finally been granted bail. His wife is overjoyed and eagerly awaits his return home, as the family has deeply felt his absence.

Television Career and Reality Show Success: Ajaz Khan’s Journey

Ajaz Khan, a former Indian model turned actor, launched his career in the modelling industry. He has appeared in numerous TV soap operas, such as Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa, Rahe Tera Aashirwaad, and Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki. Additionally, he has acted in movies like Rakta Charitra and Allah Ke Banday, as well as South Indian films Dookudu and Naayak. While on the reality TV show Bigg Boss 7, he entered as a wild card contestant and demonstrated his strength as a formidable competitor among his fellow housemates. Ajaz Khan was the best entertainer of Season 7. He has also starred in Lakeer K Fakeer.

A New Beginning: Ajaz Khan’s Path to Rebuilding His Life and Career

Now that Ajaz Khan has regained his freedom, he can look forward to reconnecting with his loved ones and rebuilding his career in the entertainment industry. The video of his release serves as a heartwarming reminder of the power of family support and the resilience of the human spirit.