By Dr. Prempal Singh ‘Valyan’

It is the fact that earlier some lusty male smell the women. But now scientific researches proves that the human being Identify the opposite sex on the basis of smell unconsciously. So in hailing women by some people is not a monopoly but also a natural phenomenon.

It has been a curious topic since ancient times. As animals and birds become excited by the unique smell of the opposite sex and have sex relations. Does this smell exist in humans also? As we have seen, when a peacock dances with open feathers its feathers give a unique smell. Sniffing this peahens are attracted to him. The same as a musk deer that runs in the desert and forest excited from his musk fragrances. Until he gets a she deer for sex, he falls from the tiredness. The chemical which excites this smell is known as pheromones.

In our ancient ayurveda epic, saffron or musk’s paste is described for more pleasures on the body. Musk is also described in Greek medical science. Some flowers have a special fragrance which makes the atmosphere toxic. If the most neutral man reaches this garden, he will also be excited for sex. Some clever businessmen are also profited due to this. They have given such perfumes in the market which claim that their perfumes spread smell of pheromones of human and the opposite sex is attracted to it.

Some claim if a male uses their perfume, girls must fall on him. Whether the ads are fake or not the fact is that smell must have a relation with the human mind. Scientists say that the androstenedione chemical present in male sweat and semen and estratetraenol chemical present in female urine attracts the opposite sex.

In a recent research, some activities of figures were shown on the computer before some men and women. It was hard to identify their sex. But when males sniffed stratetrenols they found the figure of females and when females sniffed androstendion, they found the figure of males. But androstendion to men and estratetraenol to woman gave no effect. The important things is that lesbian women identified female smell and gays could identify male smell.

This reveals that humans may have used smell to identify their partners in developing times . But with time he has forgotten this ability. Not only sniffing but also his listening has also been reduced because it is not used so much. We even ourselves don’t know that we can identify more than a lakh smells because life has no space for this much sensitivity. But research tells us our heart and brain smell a number of things without telling us.

The Unique Ones

This type of men and women are not less in the world who are excited from the unique fragrance of clothes, body or hair for their sex. American Alis Thaper has proved that girls in comparison of boys excite more from smell. Europe’s king Dimithius who was trapped in the love of the Macedonian queen Lamia had said that her natural fragrance of internal and external body part was so joyful and exciting that the fragrance of Hina, Juhi and Gulab’s best perfumes even did not have that fragrance. Havelock Ellis has described a polynesian man, who had denied sex saying that women of Sydney city have no excitement fragrance.

It is proved from scientific research that smell effects human mood also. The human nose has no direct connection with social life or sexual attraction but it has a great importance in human emotions. As we know we all feel smell of human sweat, urine, breath, saliva, women’s milk, skin oil and sexually active fragrance.

Humans have three kinds of skin glands. First is fat gland second sweat gland and third is apocrine gland. The fat gland is active specially of the face or forehead but it is present on all open body parts. Sweat gland secretes smell-less matters with water and salt from the body. And the apocrine gland controls the smell formed during sexual excitement .This gland is more active at hand, cheek, skull, breast or where there is dense hair. And its activity is at peak when we search our opposite sex partner in youth.

When the Oestrogen level is changed during egg diffusion in women, it is more active. So it is also proved that in human’s sexual desire, smell plays a unique role. Researcher also say that the man who smells like a girl’s father or brother, that girl feels more attraction towards that man. The above conditions are in their place but a person should keep himself clean and healthy, then he can use the smell of love properly.

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