Friendship Day Special: When Naseeruddin Shah’s Life Was Saved By Om Puri, Know Here Full Story

Naseeruddin Shah and the late Om Puri were inseparable, however, did you realize that Om Puri once saved Naseer’s life after a blade assault? On Friendship Day 2021, here’s a return to the occurrence, about which the Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron actor wrote in his self-portrayal, And Then One Day: A Memoir

The occurrence occurred at a café in 1977, and the aggressor was one of Naseer’s previous companions, Jaspal. He composed that Om Puri, who passed on in 2017, jumped across the table and stifled the aggressor. He then, at that point took him to the clinic, consequently saving his life.

“While the going for Bhumika (1977) was on, Om and I were in supper when Jaspal, whom I had gotten well far from for quite a while, additionally entered and welcomed Om. We disregarded one another yet, eyes fixed on me, he passed to sit on another table behind me, so I thought,” Naseeruddin Shah composed.

“Sooner or later, I was helped to remember his essence by what felt like a short sharp punch in my back. I began to rise, tediously setting myself up for another out-of-control situation. Before I could move, Om with a choked cry rushed at something behind me. I went to see Jaspal holding a little blade, its point trickling blood, his hand raised to strike once more, and Om and two others hooking to stifle him.”

He composed that Om contended with the restaurant manager, who needed to trust that the cops will show up before calling an emergency vehicle. “Om made the cardinal mistake of moving in too without consent and figured out how to bother the big cheese, subsequently requesting that the cops be delicate with me. He was requested to get off and after extensive begging, the hooligan in control was permitted to remain. Neither of us had a thought where we were going however I asked it was not the police headquarters,” he kept, composing that ‘a sizeable group’ had assembled to observe the quarrel and that Jaspal had been given ‘the treatment’ in the kitchen.

“The bleeding had not seized, the aggravation was getting exceptional and these cops clearly had not exactly perceived the circumstance. After a couple of superficial inquiries to us, and some confused transmissions over the radio in Marathi, we showed up at Cooper Hospital in Juhu,” he closed.

Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah were students at the Film and Television Institute of India, and have cooperated on a few movies, including Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Ardh Satya, and Maqbool.

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