Friendship Goals We Can Learn From Kajol And SRK. Read Here!

The ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood is the king of romance, but he has the cleanest record in Bollywood when it comes to affairs. He is well-known for treating his female coworkers with the utmost respect. Whereas she is this incredibly chirpy and chatty actress who is highly successful – the polar opposite of her personality. In many ways, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are diametrically opposed, but their friendship is one that we all admire. We all want a friend like that, who is always supportive, always inspires you to achieve better and always laughs loud at the craziest jokes.

What can we learn from the indomitable friendship of this superstar ‘Jodi’?


Kajol was criticised for not showing support on social media when Shahrukh Khan’s son was harassed, but we know she wishes him and his family well. Over the years, they have helped each other’s career paths. Even when Kajol got married, SRK and Gauri were there to assist her.


Their regard for each other, despite how different their personalities are, is admirable. Both performers are doing really well in their professions. Yes, Shah Rukh has a larger fan base, but the hits they’ve made together give them similar weightage when it comes to onscreen couples.

No Ego

Ego destroys all relationships, and when it comes to friendship, it becomes extremely toxic. Just as they respect each other, the two continue to tug each other’s legs since they know the other will not mind and will instead laugh it off. When it comes to their friendship, neither has an ego, no matter how renowned they are. When it comes to the spouse issue, it is widely known that Ajay Devgn and SRK are not friends, but Kajol has a very definite view on that. She has previously remarked that just because he is her buddy does not obligate her spouse to be friends with him. They can get along.


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