From Going To Rehab Center To Domestic Violence, Here Are Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Biggest Controversies

Honey Singh is one such rapper who earned a lot of names in the music world. While the elderly people do not like the songs of Honey Singh at all, on the other hand, their raps are always on the tongue of the youth. Although now Honey Singh’s songs are rarely heard, there was a time when Honey Singh sang songs for many big films like Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan’s film. His song ‘Lungi Dance’ brought him so much fame that overnight he became the favorite rapper of many director-producers as well as stars and carved a niche for himself in Bollywood.

Honey Singh

Honey Singh got a lot of success in Bollywood, but with time, like every artist, his status slowly started to end in Bollywood and one of the reasons for this was his controversy. Honey Singh was not only in the discussion because of his songs, but he had to face many controversies from the lyrics of his songs to his personal life. Today in this article we are going to tell you many controversies related to his personal life.

Honey Singh and Shalini

Because Honey Singh was missing from the music industry for a long time, there were reports about him that he is in rehab due to his drug addiction. Although it was just a guess, singer Jasbir Jassi surprised everyone by giving a statement. He had said in his statement, ‘I met Honey at a rehab center in Chandigarh’. Some called this statement of Jasbir just a publicity stunt, while some confirmed that Honey Singh was in the rehab center.

Honey Singh has been in controversies not once but many times regarding the lyrics of his songs. People accused him of using double meaning in his songs. The way he portrays women in his songs as a commodity, many NGOs protested and people criticized him a lot. But there was the most controversy about one of his songs. People accused him of making obscene songs. This was his and Badshah’s song. However, he categorically denied that it was his voice. But no one believed his point and the matter reached the court.

Honey Singh

Honey Singh had called Badshah a ‘nano’ car. Due to this, there was a big quarrel between these two. Together they made many superhit songs like ‘Khol Bottle’, Chaar Shaniwar, and Get Up Jawaani. But after some time there was a rift between these two and both of them made many allegations against each other. But if the news is to be believed, their mouth-to-mouth fight soon turned into a physical fight. Both of them clashed at a party being held in Delhi. In fact, Honey Singh, who appeared on the screen after a long time, when came on stage for the promotion of his film ‘Zoravar’, people asked him that Badshah replaced him in the film world. Responding to this, Honey Singh said that there is no comparison between Rolls Royce and Nano car.

There was a time when both Honey Singh and Raftaar were very good friends but there was a rift in their friendship when Honey Singh did not give credit to Raftaar and other people working in that song in the credits of the superhit song ‘Mafia Mundir’. And took full limelight from this song.

Honey Singh, who tied the knot with Shalini Talwar after 20 years of friendship, has recently been booked for domestic violence by his wife Shalini Talwar. He dragged Honey as well as his family to the court. His petition was filed in Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court.