So, you have just begun to see this guy from your work, and you’re already falling head over heels for him. While for the most, it may seem too soon to be feeling this type of way, we’ve got you covered. Trust us, if you’re the type to check his zodiac sign before going out with him, you’re not alone. We are all guilty of doing this at some point or the other in our lives, to a mere friend with benefits, or a potential love interest.

The biggest questions is: can their zodiac signs define how good or bad they must be in bed? We’re positive with that one, continue reading to see us hit the G-spot of it!


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Also, get ready to take it with a pinch of salt, as we might exaggerate, don’t feel disheartened if you’re unable to find your zodiac sign on the list, ready to be in for a bitter truth!:

ARIES: Beautifully Bold

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Aries are a dynamic personality, who know how to take it from a 0 to 100, real quick. So why should they be any different when it comes to being in bed with them? The best part about an Aries is that he/she knows exactly what they’re doing. They are also typically the first ones to take an initiative, because why not. There is no room for shyness in the bed, and an Aries knows it the best! Keep it interesting with Aries, don’t let them get bored and stray away if you’re really into them!

TAURUS: The Powerhouse

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Taurus is the bull. Period. This is the most full-of-life zodiac sign that there can be. They master each move they practice with their partners, and bam! They typically get to know pretty early on in the relationship as to what their partner likes and waste no time in getting straight to the business. They have stamina, and a lot of it, which sometimes leave the opposite zodiac a little exhausted, but hey, in a good way! They also have a taste for a finer side of life, so think of candles with roses on white silk sheets! Not to forget the wine by the bedside! Now that’s a deadly combination!

LEO: The Leaders



Leo is a sign which is known for its leadership traits, and the good part is that they’re no different in bed. They are full of energy and enthusiasm, often leaving their significant-other gasping for some air! This is a very vocal zodiac sign and does not shy away from letting their partners know what they like, and why should anyone even. Leos are sure to make your love-making experience a top-notch one, they aren’t afraid of giving you the best time. It is said that Leos are ruled by the Sun, which explains why you’re sure to feel like a star with the Lion too!

VIRGO: The Virgins

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Virgo is often dubbed as the ‘virgin’, but don’t let this moniker befool you! No, we’re not saying that they cannot be virgins, (it’s each to their own), they are better off! They are one of the wildest signs in bed, they might play shy at first but once you know them, know that there’s no stopping! Virgos like to indulge in some fantasies and roleplays, which is sure to make for an excellent time in bed. Their playful nature might get the best of them and leave a spell on their partners!

SAGITTARIUS: The Adventurous Ones

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Sagittarius are notorious for the ever-lasting fire in them. The fire and desire for a good life make them go places. It would be unfair if they were any different in bed, so you’re in the safe if you’re dating one. They like to experiment new things, as the same old schedule gets them off real quick. If you’re not looking to bore an archer, always try to keep things spicier in your sex life. Sagittarians are likely to send you to a humor-induced coma. They can multi-task: have sex and crack jokes at the same time. There’s not one dull moment with them!

CANCER: The foreplayers 

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Cancers are best turned on by foreplay. They might refuse to move further without it, but can you blame them?  They excel in anything they do in bed and have a very sensuous nature. In short, they know the right recipe to heat up things in the bedroom (foreplay does that for them, right?!). Cancers expect you to read their minds, which can be a humongous task, but if you look for the hints, they’re right there. Their eyes do the most talking and shall be looked deep into!