Funny Bingo Rewards; All You Need To Know

We all know by now that Bingo can offer you some pretty big rewards and Jackpots, but what else can you win? Over the years Bingo game prizes have been crazy, kooky and downright hilarious – deposit at barbadosbingo. Want to take a look at some? Then just keep reading!

Holy Cow

If you won big at the Bingo you could probably imagine yourself yelling something like this! But this time the prize was taken a little bit more… literally. A woman in New York was playing a charity game of Bingo and she won, you guessed it, a milking cow! As you can imagine there was shock and awe from the crowd, including the lady who won! We don’t actually have any more information from after the game, so we don’t know if she kept it or not but we like to think she took the cow home with her! The question is, what would you have done?!

Naughty night at the Bingo

Back in 2007 launched their Bingo site and it had some sexy surprises in store! Not only this, but there were some fun new variations of Bingo to play and you could watch a live caller call the numbers out. The fun part here is that they would use cheeky names for the nicknames, so you couldn’t play this game with your children around! The prizes are what caught the eye of many players and you can probably guess what kind of rewards were on the table. We’re talking vibrators, lingerie and many more prizes of that nature.

A different kind of prize

Lots of Bingo players have their eyes on the prize, so how would you feel if the prizes didn’t involve any money? That’s what did, as players could play the game that they love for free and be in with a chance of winning smaller, but still fun, prizes. There were things on offer like food vouchers, clothes vouchers, sweet treats like chocolate and cake and DVDs. There were also things like branded t shirts, mugs, stress balls and pens. There was also a main monthly prize up for grabs, and the most popular one was a cute picnic basket.

Concluding thoughts

We love all of these funny Bingo rewards! Sometimes players can get too caught up in the quest of landing a Jackpot and all of the fun gets sucked out of the game. Fun and different prizes bring us back to the enjoyment of Bingo, and we heartily recommend that you play a few games where money isn’t the main aim of the game. All you need to do is a quick internet search and it will come up with a list of options for you. You could consider playing at an online casino that offers funny Bingo rewards, or you could always head out for the night to a fun themed Bingo night. You never know, you could be walking home with a real life cow!

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