Game of Thrones Actress Nathalie Emmanuel Constantly Badgered To Do Nude Scenes

Game of Thrones began as a book series by George R.R. Martin and lead to becoming America’s most-watched fantasy drama television series. Each episode was packed with Kings, Queens, Swords, and loads of nudity. Known for its alarming number of nude scenes, the series has left a mark on all its actors.

Nathalie Emmanuel

One particular actress Nathalie Emmanuel took to media recently to talk about her role in seven seasons of the Game Of Thrones series as ‘Missandei’. The actress played a challenging role in the series and yet she is remembered for the select few nude scenes in the movie. The actress claims that she was approached by many others in the industry to act in nude scenes. Annoyed by the requests, Nathalie Emmanuel stated it is wrong to assume that few scenes in one series mean she is open and willing to act more in the future.

Talking about the concern on a show the actress stated, ” the perception of that from other projects, when the role required nudity, that I was just open to doing anything because I did it on that one show. But what people didn’t realize was I agreed to certain terms and specific things for that one particular project.”

The actress claimed that her nude scenes in the series resulted in her being bombarded with scripts that required her to do fully nude scenes that she was not at all comfortable in. Actress Nathalie Emmanuel went on the say that some people in the industry were willing to work with her level of comfort in nude scenes, while others are not. This leaves the actress with no other option than to deny such opportunities. She further reported telling industry people,  “well, thank you very much, I appreciate your interest but that’s just not what I feel is necessary for this part and it’s a difference of opinion and creative differences and that’s fine”.

Hopefully, the actress will be seen in more challenging roles that respect her comfort level and give audiences a chance to compliment her acting skills alone.

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