Gauahar Khan Had A Hard Time Trolling Divya In The ‘Undergarment’ Controversy

The Bigg Boss house has been famous for its high voltage dramas since its inception. Similar fierce battles are being seen in Bigg Boss OTT as well. Recently there was a fight between Neha Bhasin and Divya Aggarwal over undergarments. Now the former Bigg Boss winner Gauahar Khan has also reacted to this fight. Let me tell you that Neha Bhasin had left her undergarments in sink and Divya questioned Neha on this, after which there was a fierce argument between the two.

Gauahar Khan

Now the fans are also divided into two parts on this. On one hand some people are showing their support to Neha while some people are justifying Divya. Now on this actress Gauahar Khan has also shown her support to Neha in this matter and has reprimanded Divya. However, trolling Divya became heavy for Gauahar as Divya’s fans gave her a bad word. Gauahar wrote, “It is a mistake to leave your undergarments unwashed for the first time, how can you, being a girl, make it so embarrassing for another girl. It is very sad to tell this wrong and make a spectacle of these private things in front of the world.”

Divya and Neha

Now Divya’s supporters started trolling Gauahar as soon as Gauahar made such a comment. A user said that it was Shamita who first questioned the undergarment lying in the sink as she thought it belonged to Divya. Users claimed that Shamita was doing this to humiliate Divya as she does not like her.

Gauahar’s Tweet

Another user wrote, ‘Gauahar has gone mad, she does not see that Shamita had raised the issue of undergarments earlier. Divya just asked whose clothes it was and came to know that it belonged to Neha. She would have remained silent if Neha had not started making an issue about it’.

Let me tell you that the show’s host Karan Johar has also been seen reprimanding Divya many times. After this, the fans accused Karan of being biased. People say that Divya plays a good game at home but Karan often targets her. Let me tell you that Akshara Singh and Milind Gaba are out of the house. Now it has to be seen what happens in the future.

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