Gauahar Khan Slams Rakhi Sawant For Her Umrah Pilgrimage, ‘Wearing Abayas Doesn’t…’

Reality TV star Rakhi Sawant is grabbing headlines for her ugly fallout with estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani. The two are washing their dirty linen in the public. Amidst all this, the  actress has changed her religion to Islam and her name to Fatima. She even performed the sacred pilgrimage of Muslims, Umrah last month. While many are saying that Rakhi has honestly converted to Islam, some others are finding it to be her drama. Now, actress Gauahar Khan too has bashed the internet sensation alleging her of doing publicity stunt in the name of a religion.

Taking to her Instagram handle, the actress shared an IG story where she reposted how a Qatar charity sent 20 orphans to Umrah. Atop it, Gauahar penned her thoughts which took a direct dig at Rakhi. She did not take any names and expressed that there are some people who are treating Islam as a joke. She added that wearing ‘horrendous looking’ abayas doesn’t make a person Muslim.

In a previous interview, Rakhi had broken down emotionally while sharing her ordeal. She revealed that in the five months of marriage, Adil had been physically assaulted several times. The actress also added that he even forcefully converted her to Islam. Later, Adil had clarified the same. He had claimed that he did not force Rakhi to change her religion. She wanted to be like Sana Khan and was fascinated by the Islamic culture. And so, she became a Muslim.

Soon after, Rakhi began showing off her love for Islam publicly. She went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. The reality TV star shared various glimpses from her journey to the sacred place. She was seen crying her heart out while touching Kaaba. After coming back from her Umrah trip, Rakhi has started wearing hijab after it. She is currently making public appearances in abayas only.

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