Gauri Khan and Shahrukh Khan are the power couple that everyone aspires to be. They have been together since the days when they had no stardom. However, we might feel that these two might have some really different relationships than what we have. But that’s so not true. They are also the same. They share the same trust and the same nok-jhoks that all other regular couples share. Shahrukh once made headlines for his alleged affair with a co-star, but later, it was called rumors and faded away.

A few years ago on a chat show Koffee With Karan, star wives were Gauri Khan and Sussanne Khan were invited to open about their personal lives and more. During the conversation, Gauri was asked whether there have been any insecure times since her husband SRK works with so many beautiful female co-stars, to which Gauri said that she gets irritated about entertaining such questions, but as Karan is her friend, she decided to answer it.

She said, “I pray to God everyday that if we are not supposed to be together and if he has to be with somebody else, then God, let me find somebody else also. And, I hope he is handsome. It’s true! This is what I pray to God and I mean it. I feel if he has to be with somebody else, if he chooses to be with somebody else, I would not want to be with him. I would say, ok, great! Let me move on with somebody.”

Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan who was sitting next  to Gauri also replied to the same and said there never been insecurity as the two ( Hrithik and her) have always been open with each other. A few years, later Hrithik and Sussanne got divorced, and he was entangled in an ugly affair with his co-star Kangana Ranaut.

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