‘Gave Me Unbearable Pain’: Adipurush Writer Manoj Muntashir Regrets For Controversial Dialogues

Bollywood lyricist Manoj Muntashir recently spoke about his experience writing dialogues for the mythological epic “Adipurush.” In an exclusive interview, he expressed deep regret and revealed that the film had caused him immense emotional distress.

“Adipurush,” directed by Om Raut, hit the screens in June 2023 and garnered significant attention. While the film faced criticism for its VFX, script, and direction, the dialogues were also intensely scrutinized. Netizens and industry insiders mercilessly criticized the colloquial language used in the movie.

A Painful Revelation

The Indian epic Ramayana was adapted for the big screen under the direction of Om Raut. The film’s cheap language, poor special effects, and weak character development earned the filmmakers a lot of hate on social media.

Manoj Muntashir faced harsh criticism for incorporating contemporary language into the conversation, as viewers deemed it “cringeworthy.” Following the release, Manoj and Om appeared on several news networks, defending the dialogue’s usage of slang. In the interview, Manoj Muntashir candidly admitted,

“If I could travel back in time, I may not create dialogues for Adipurush! It has caused me excruciating anguish. Nevertheless, no one else is to blame. I assume full responsibility.”

The 48-year-old lyricist’s heartfelt words highlight the emotional toll that the project took on him.

Simplification And Backlash

Muntashir further explained that he deliberately simplified the dialogues to create a clear distinction between characters. However, this decision led to backlash from viewers who expected a more traditional and elevated language in a mythological epic. The writer intended to make the dialogues accessible, but it inadvertently sparked controversy.

Plagiarism Accusations

Manoj Muntashir has received criticism before. In 2021, accusations arose that he plagiarized a poem by Robert J Lavery and passed it off as his own. The incident led to widespread condemnation, and Muntashir addressed the accusations by acknowledging that all artists draw inspiration from each other. He emphasized that none of his creations are entirely original.

A Reflection on Choices

As the lyricist reflects on his journey, he acknowledges the pain caused by “Adipurush.” Despite the challenges, Muntashir continues to work on other projects, including films like “Bawaal,” “Animal,” and “Crakk.” His honesty serves as a reminder that creative endeavours come with both triumphs and tribulations.