Genome Online Accounts For Effective Businesses

By saving time and effort, the business reduces the costs of its activity. Simplification of financial transactions by opening a business account online allows you to increase the efficiency of your monetary transactions. Providing safe and reliable instruments for financial operations, Genome strengthens your business capability and the reputation of your company among business partners.

Everything For Your Business within the Genome Account

Genome is an electronic money institution situated in Europe. Every year the list of its financial services for business is increasing. This allows your online account to benefit from the most advanced IT technology in the financial sector. Benefits of business account with Genome include:

  • Simplification of complex banking processes. With an online account at Genome, you will have everything you need for a business in one place.
  • Genome online account maintenance can be carried out online from any place in the world. You don’t need to waste your precious time visiting the bank department and waiting for the approval of all your documents. 
  • You can increase the number of employees who will manage your business account with different access levels.
  • Quick and easy opening of a business account, and a merchant account too, so you can accept money from customers. 
  • Get customers’ payments in 20 currencies, which will be converted into EUR, GBP, or USD at a multi-currency business account. This will stimulate your trustful relationships and expand your international business activity.  

Additional Benefits of Business Account With Genome

Open a business account (+ a merchant account) and enjoy additional services from Genome:

  • fraud protection for your business
  • multiple reports and in-depth analytics
  • personal committed account manager
  • possibility to choose alternative methods of payment
  • possibility to integrate Genome with other platforms
  • instant money transfers to other Genome users
  • easy and convenient Genome app
  • Genome referral program.

The future belongs to online payments. The sooner you start using a business account with a reliable financial online platform, the higher your competitive edge will be. Genome has started as a simple e-wallet concept. Just in three years, it became a multi-leveled financial system that serves businesses of different kinds. Doing your business with Genome will allow you to make the same rapid and highly efficient progress.

Open a business account at Genome and get the most convenient for your business service and the most reliable and professional assistance with all financial operations!

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