Get killer abs without exercising

We all want to be fit. But between us ladies, how many of us are actually fit? Neither do we find the time to hit the gym nor do we have enough motivation to drag ourselves to work out regularly. Before we can sport that killer and dreamy six-pack abs, we need to shed-off that extra weight from our bodies. And that starts with improving our eating habits.

Many studies have revealed that the key to losing weight is a healthy and balanced diet not exercising. One such study found that exercise didn’t have any effect for the first six months of a weight-loss program, but participants who ate well and worked out lost the most pounds after a year.

According to a registered dietitian Ilana Muhlstein, “Food is everything and exercise is extra credit.” That’s all about food. Now to get those abs you’ve been dreaming about, read on…


1) You need to achieve a healthy weight, for starters. For that, you need to replace bad fat with good fat i.e. replace junk food with healthy, nutritious food.

2) In addition to that, practice movements that resist gravity. They are the most effective.

3) Upgrade your plank exercises. Stepping up your planks by adding movement will help you build a six-pack even faster. Whenever you are exercising, lean-in to move your hips.

4) And don’t forget to continuously change your workout routine and keep on challenging your body to try new things.


5) Try to incorporate to more natural protein in your diet. And avoid taking proteins in in supplement form.

6)Lastly, include cardio in your workout plan and try to go for a run or jog as often as you can.
That would pretty much help you achieve your dream abs. Happy working out!


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