Gillette has launched a new men’s facial hair range

Gillette has launched a new men’s facial hair range

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Although some may have allowed their facial hair to grow while being isolated, others may think it’s time to take things themselves and trim their beard – or to shave them off entirely. The latest drop from the long-term American care company is therefore perfectly timed.

Named after the founder of King Camp Gillette, this 15-piece collection includes everything from individual shave machines and bay cuts, as well as hair care products, including beard oils and washing. Shave and Edge contains a shave gel, and a razor and refiller, a caring and care with a beard and facial wash and beard oil, as well as a ball. The range can be divided into three categories. The collection of capsules also comprises an updated version of the iconic double-edged safety razor, pioneered over 100 years ago.

In addition, a range of treatment bundles, from face hair treatment, full electric trimmer kits, as well as a rasher, raspberry gel, facial hair washing, and beard oil are available. The CEO of Gillette, Gary Coombe, spoke of the recent drop: “We are excited to announce the launch of Gillette’s King C. Gillette – the first full line of products and tools that are designed for men with facial hair.

“This is why all men are personal with their own toiletries and home rituals so that all our years of shaving experience and the best technology in razor, hair, and skincare create a full range of tools, accessories, and treatment products to meet all men’s needs. This is the one-stop-shop for caring for the men.”King C. Gillette is available online at Superdrug or for between £5 and £72 of the range.

The ultimate care bundle is the Kind C. Gillette Ultimate Beard Care kit. It contains a Braun-powered beard trimmer and a neck-sharper for those who want a neat finish.

It also has a beard shampoo and face wash, as well as shaving gel and beard oil which has nutritious ingredients to make the finish soft and domed.

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