Govinda Opens Up On Rejecting Multiple Big Budget Films, ‘I Was Slapping Myself’

Bollywood actor Govinda treated the audience with bang on entertainment during his active days in the film industry. In a recent interaction with media, the actor opened up not taking up films lately. He also revealed rejecting multiple film offers worth Rs. 100 crores in the past one year.

Govinda talks about not able to sign big budget films

During Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, Govinda got into a conversation with reporters wherein he talked about his absence from the silver screen for so long. The actor claimed that contrary to the most obvious presumption that he isn’t receiving any film offers, he is getting too many of them by God’s grace. Govinda disclosed that in the last one year, he has refused projects worth Rs. 100 crores.

Furthermore, the actor shared how frustrated he felt post after rejecting so many lucrative film offers. He stated, “I was slapping myself in front of the mirror because I was not signing any projects. They were offering a lot of money but I didn’t want to do any random roles. I want something that I’ve done in the past. Something of that level.”

Govinda on accusations of being ‘unprofessional’

In an interview earlier, Govinda had addressed the frequent allegations on him about behaving unprofessionally in the industry. He had said that he has often been pulled down in the industry because of his stardom and that his successful filmography simply speaks for itself. The actor also accused the competitive filmy world of influencing his ways of life. He had mentioned how he has transformed from pious self to bitter and corrupt person.

For the unversed, Govinda made his Bollywood debut with the 1986 film ‘Ilzaam’. He then went on to star in multiple comedy as well as high-octane action films. The actor has featured in over hundreds of films till date and has 12 Filmfare awards to his credit.

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