Govinda Was Shy Around His Ex-flame Neelam, Actor Reveals Interesting Story

In the ‘90s, people used to love the on-screen pair of Govinda and Neelam Kothari. There were strong rumors that something was happening between the two beyond just sharing the screen. Govinda and Neelam had worked together for a long time and Govinda also had accepted that he had a soft corner for his longtime co-star, Neelam. However, soon their relationship ended and since then they also ended working with each other.

After 30 years, Govinda and Neelam had reunited for the first time in Super Dancer- Chapter 4. Neelam named it a sweet reunion. Neelam had shared that it reminded her of the huge fan following they used to have back in the ‘90s. However, not many people are familiar with the fact that Govinda used to feel shy performing scenes with Neelam.

Recently reality show, Dance Deewane had approached Govinda, Nora Fatehi and choreographer, Ganesh Acharya as a celebrity judge. During a segment, when Nora noticed Piyush’s shyness, actor, Govinda shared his experience regarding the same while working with Neelam in the ‘90s.

Govinda said, “I remember during my first film, I had to shoot a romantic song with Neelam, and I just couldn’t do it. From the corner, Saroj (Khan) held me and inquired whether I had ever romanced a girl! I said ‘no’, and she immediately asked one of her assistant choreographers to teach me how to do the romantic steps, and It was quite something.”

The versatile actor had also explained their first meeting. “I remember the first time I met her. At Pranlal Mehta’s office. She was wearing white shorts. Her long hair falling straight, like an angel’s. ‘Hello’, she said politely, and I was scared to reply because my knowledge of English was embarrassing. It still is. And I wondered how I would communicate with her on the sets. I had never imagined I would work with her. She was a distant dream,” he said.