Govinda Welcomes By His Doppelganger At Mumbai Airport; Wife Sunita Ahuja Reacts!

Bollywood actor Govinda was spotted at the Mumbai airport with his wife Sunita Ahuja on Saturday. Govinda was seen getting out of his car. At that time he met his doppelganger. The doppelganger touched his feet. He gave Govinda a bouquet of flowers. He greeted the actor with respect. His wife Sunita reacted to the two of them. She told the paparazzi, “Carbon copy hai ye (what a carbon copy).”

The videos of Govinda meeting his lookalike were shared on social media by fan pages. They both wore sunglasses. The actor wore a black shirt. He wore black trousers. He wore a matching scarf. On the other hand, his doppelganger wore a maroon pantsuit with a white shirt.


Govinda’s duplicate is heard saying to him in Hindi. He said, “Sir, I met you many years ago.” He then showed them old photos on his mobile phone which were clicked ’23 years ago.’ The actor replied, “So sweet.”

A paparazzo said, “Same to same hai (they look the same).” Sunita exclaimed that Govinda’s doppelganger is his ‘carbon copy’. “I feel nice about this,” Govinda told the paparazzi as he walked towards the airport gate with Sunita.


Fans commented, “Bhai real kaunsa hai (brother, which of them is real)?” “Mujhe red suit wala real Govinda laga (I thought the one wearing red suit was the real Govinda),” “When Govinda met Govinda,” “Wow, he was listening patiently (to his duplicate).”

Govinda and Sunita Ahuja, along with their daughter Tina Ahuja, appeared as special guests on the singing reality show Indian Idol 13 recently. On March 11, 1987, they tied the knot.