‘Great Pleasure’: Pakistani Actor Humayun Saeed Reacts After Premiere Of ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ On Indian TV 

The superhit Pakistani drama ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ is currently broadcasting on Indian television since 2nd August, 2023. It stars Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui in lead roles. In a recent interview given to an Indian media channel, Humayun Saeed shared his feelings on the Indian premiere of the milestone drama of PTV.

Humayun Saeed Shared His Excitement  

Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan In his latest interaction with Indian media, Humayun Saeed expressed his pleasure about the broadcasting of his superhit drama on Indian channels. He said he is very excited and is hopeful that Mere Pass Tum Ho will be the same hit in India as it was in Pakistan. In his words:

“It is a matter of great pleasure for me, I am also excited that this drama is coming on such a platform in India where many people will be able to watch it. The hope is that the way this drama was successful in Pakistan, it will happen in India as well”

Humayun Saeed Mere Pass Tum Ho Humayun Saeed also shared that some Indian fans have already watched Mere Pass Tum Ho on YouTube and they have praised him so much. According to Saeed, Indian fans started recognising and liking him because of Mere Pass Tum Ho. He said:

“I feel that the first thing that people saw of mine, which they liked a little bit, is ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho'” 

Humayun Saeed Kept The Script Of Mere Pass Tum Ho For 7 Years 

Mere Pass Tum Ho The ‘Mere Humsafar’ producer shared that he had kept the script of Mere Pass Tum Ho for 7 years. He also revealed how directors would find the script risky and controversial and were hesitant to direct the drama. However, later when the drama became a superhit, all the concerned directors including Saeed were happy. In his words:

“I had kept this script with me for 7 years, I had a lot of faith in this script. Whenever I used to meet any director, he used to say, “Man, this script is very good but it is very risky, a bit controversial. ” Don’t know if it will work or not”

Ayeza Khan Is Beautiful:  Humayun Saeed 

Mere pass tum hoIn the interview, Humayn Saeed was asked about hit Pakistani actress and his co-star Ayeza Khan. Saeed said that Ayeza Khan is one of the most beautiful, disciplined and hardworking actresses of PTV. He further praised the ‘Mein’ actress and said that she had completely owned the character of Mehwish in Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Humayun Saeed On On-air Of PTV Dramas In Real Time In India 

Mere Pass Tum HoWhen asked about the possibility of on-airing of PTV drama in India in real time, Saeed said that it can be possible in future if the relationship between two countries amends. He expressed that some positive people can help in this process. Saeed said the premiere of MPTH today on Zee Zindagi has become possible only because of some positive people who want that Indians should watch PTV dramas and vice versa.

For the unversed, Mere Pass Tum Ho was originally released in Pakistan in 2019. It went on to become the biggest TV drama in the history of Pakistan. The show’s last episode was even released in cinema halls seeing its massive popularity. The blockbuster drama is now entertaining the Indian audience from 2nd August on Zee Zindagi.