Groom Carries His A Specially-abled Sister-In-Law, Who Is Dressed As A Bride, In His Arms- A Heartwarming Moment

Wedding is not only important for the Bride and groom but the family also. Family gives moral support to an individual on any big day. Both the individuals try to give their best to make their companion the happiest person ever. To prove this, a very generous and warm video went viral on social media. This heartwarming video proves that kindness and love still exist in our hearts. The visuals have captured the beautiful moment of a wedding ceremony which is not only special for the bride but all the guests and family as well.

A wedding took place in foreign. Bride ‘Morgan’ wanted her twin to feel the jitters of a wedding and to have her special moment as a bride. Morgan Altier had earlier decided to share the spotlight of her wedding day with her twin sister Macey who has always had special needs. The video captures the beautiful moment where the groom dressed up in a black tuxedo can be seen carrying his bride’s twin sister, who is dressed like a bride, in his arms.

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“My twin sister, who has special needs, came down at my wedding with my fiancé, now who I call my husband. I will forever cherish this! This is why I fell in love with him because he loves her as much as I do.” Morgan wrote While posting the video. The netizens are overwhelmed by this gesture of the bride and groom. The video was posted on microblogging by a user named, Good News Correspondent.

The video went viral and has taken the internet by the Strom. The comments section is filled with warm wishes. One user wrote, So delightful! I just wish I’d been able to see the bride’s reaction too! What a special moment.” “Blessings on your wedding! And thanks for sharing such a precious image! He’s a keeper!” another commented. ”There’s so much heart in this video,”

Many users have also retweeted the video and written emotional comments on it. the video had garnered 30.8 K views and more than 600 likes.

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