Gurmeet Choudhary On Baisakhi Traditions: ‘Naye Kapde Pehno, Achi Sweets Khaao’

Every festival, including Baisakhi, is an occasion for Lianna and Divisha, the two small children of Gurmeet Choudhary, to dress up in their finest cultural attire.

Gurmeet’s two little munchkins dress up in ethnic attire. “Recently, I shot in Patiala, so I bought Debina and my girls the real matching outfits, which they will all wear. The actor exclaims, “Mere lie matching nahi mila!”(I didn’t find a matching outfit)

He further added, “We make sure to teach Divisha and Lianna about our culture—all the festivals, in fact. Human custom is what keeps us human, even though we are not very good at it. Every event brings them joy and excitement, chaahe Diwali ho ya Baisakhi. Debina and I will work to instill these ideals in our children when they get older.”

Dressing Up in Ethnic Outfits

“Jo bachpan se mai karta aaya hu, vohi karne ka plan hai iss saal bhi – Naye kapde pehno, achi sweets khaao,(I would like them to experience the same memories, that’s what I have planned this yer- New clothes, Eat Good sweets)” expresses Choudhary, thinking back on his beloved intentions for this year and his early Baisakhi memories.”

The fact that the entire family is fortunately there makes this Baisakhi the most memorable. Here are our parents, Lianna and Divisha, and we’re all quite happy. If we follow these steps, we can be healthy and maintain our control for a full year. It’s true that Baisakhi only occurs once a year, but yet.

Choudhary and his family have a treasured tradition of recording every occurrence. “This document will be available in a moment. The 40-year-old said, “It’s the best thing that life has to offer. It’s documented hota hai humaare paas.”

Over the years and in many postings, Choudhary has assiduously followed Baisakhi customs, which include eating yellow rice and indulging in home-baked sweets. We observe a yearly custom of eating yellow rice. I also enjoy enjoying sweets during Baisakhi. My mother makes the most delicious coconut laddoos, they are my favourite.